The Menu


Spinach and Onion fritters dipped in chickpea batter

Chopped Onion dipped in homemade masala chickpea batter

Selected Vegetables marinated and dipped in chickpea batter

Spiced vegetable stuffed with homemade pastry

Deep fried crispy vegetable spring rolls

Prawns Marinated in spicy chickpea batter

Prawns Marinated in spicy chickpea batter

Combination of entrees served with Mint chutney 1 Veg samosa, 2 spring roll, & 3 serve of Pakora’s.

Lamb chops marinated with fresh ginger and Indian spices and cooked in Tandoor.

Boneless chicken marinated in Yogurt and spices cooked in Tandoor served mint sauce and salad

Combination of Chicken Tikka (3 per piece), Adraki Lamb Chops (1 per piece)

Vegetable Curries $16.90

Vegetables cooked in creamy thick coconut milk combination with fresh spices .

Deep fried mixed vegetables croquettes gently cooked in thick creamy gravy

Homemade cottage cheese cooked in spiced tomato thick gravy with capsicum & cubed onions

Mixed Vegetable Cooked with Yogurt,Cream and Almonds finished with 5 spices

Home Made Cottage Cheese Cooked in Fresh Grind spices and Fresh spinach

Black Lentils cooked with tomato pured & fresh cream on a slow fire

Yellow lentils cooked in special homemade spices with Butter.

A combination of potatoes & Cauliflower, green-peas cooked in Spices with onions, tomato finished with 5 Spices

Selected vegetables cooked in tangy sauce with mint, indian herbs & spices.

Chicken Curries $17.90

Boneless Chicken cooked in tick gravy of tomatoes fresh cream, ground almond powder and spices.

Chicken cooked with vegetable in indian homemade spices.

Chicken curry cooked in a coconut and flavored with spices finished with Fresh Coriander

Boneless Chicken Cooked with fresh spinach and spices in thick cream

Chicken Cooked In Spiced tomato thick gravy with Capsicum and Cubed Onions and Lemon

Boneless Chicken Cooked Mild in spiced, Mango Flavour with herbs finished garnish with fresh herbs

Diced Chicken Cooked in Fresh Indian Spices and Sauce

A HOT and tangy gravy cooked with an onions and tomato and spices

Diced Chicken Cooked in Indian Sauce and Fresh Creem with Special Spices.

Chicken cooked in tangy Sauce withhome made spices & mint

Chicken cooked with yogurt and almonds, finished with 5 star spcies.

Lamb Curries $18.90

Diced lamb delicately cooked in yogurt and special spices finished with herbs.

A MILD spiced Creamy curry cooked in almonds and 5 star spices

Lamb cooked with mustard seeds and Coconut milk and fresh herb

HOT and Tangy spicy gravy cooked in an onion and tomato gravy and Spices.

Diced lamb cooked in fresh spinach, ginger and fresh chilies

A med dish of diced Iamb cooked with capsicum, onions, tomato and lemon

Goat Curries $21.90

Diced Goat Cooked in fresh Indian Spices and Sauce.

A mild spiced Creamy Curry Cooked in almonds and 5star Spices

Hot Spicy gravy cooked in an onion and tomato in tangu flavour

Goat cooked in spcied tomato thick gravy with capsicum and cubed onion.

Seafood Delights $19.90

Fresh prawns cooked in Capsicum, Onions, finsihed with fresh lemon

Prawns cooked in hot spicy gravy and spices in tangy flavour

Prawn / Fish cooked with mustard seeds and special grind spice paste with Coconut milk.


Traditional Naan baked in tandoori oven


Traditional naan baked in tandoori oven with garlic spread

Naan stuffed with Dry fruit with almond and shredded coconut with Herbs


Naan stuffed with Spinach and Cottage Cheese

Naan stuffed with Spinach and Cottage Cheese


Naan stuffed with Tasty cheeses


Naan stuffed with spiced potatoes


Nan baked in tandoori oven with herbs on it

Nan baked in tandoori oven with Garlic on it


Rice cooked with Cumin & Mixed Dried Fruit Green Peas & Spices


Deep fried milk dumpling in rose flavored syrup


Homeset yogurt drink with the flavour of Cumin & Salt


Traditional yogurt Drink flavored with Mango Puree